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Assembly SR4848

Assembly Instructions for Collapsible Garment Rack

  1. The rack is nearly fully assembled on arrival.
  2. Pull the uprights away from each other to their widest points.
  3. Slip the top hang bar onto the uprights.
  4. Adjust the height to 1 of 3 height settings using push buttons.
  5. Optional: There are 2 small U clamps in a plastic bag attached to the handle. They are used as holders for the hang bar when the rack is collapsed. Look on one side of the bottom base, you will see 2 small screws that are not holding anything. Remove the screws and use them to screw the U clamps to the base. You can now snap the hang bar into place when the rack is collapsed.
  6. Optional Shelf: The wire grid shelf can be folded in half and placed on top of the base. There is no need to attach it to anything – it can be used as a bottom shelf.

Note: Occasionally the uprights are stubborn and don’t pull far enough apart to hold the hang bar. The hang bar will seem like it is too long for the rack. Pull the uprights away from each other with vigor. Don’t worry you won’t break the rack. You will only have to do this once or twice and the rack will be fine. If not, give us a call and we resolve the problem.