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Assembly CH6060

Assembly Instructions for CH6060 Adjustable Chrome Rack


  1. The screws for this rack are attached to the rack to prevent them from falling out during transit. You should receive a 6mm hex allen wrench with the package to use during assembly.
  2. Screw the wheels into the bottom of the two pieces which look like a square shaped Y. These two assemblies become the lower portions of the uprights.
  3. Look for the two narrow pieces of square tubing with push buttons - these are the upper portions of the uprights. Don't put them into the lower uprights yet.
  4. Take the round hang bar and fasten to each upper upright. The round-headed screws go through the holes on each end of the hang bar. Screw the hang bar into the upper uprights. Use the tool provided (a 6mm hex allen wrench) to tighten the screws securely.
  5. Attach the bottom support bars to the bottom two holes of the lower uprights. The support bars are the pieces of square tubing which measure 47 inches long. Use the round-headed screws and the tool provided to attach securely.
  6. Insert the hang bar with upper upright assembly into the lower upright assembly. Push the buttons in and slide the upper assembly into the lower one. Push the buttons in and move the upper assembly up or down until you achieve the desired height. There are 8 different height adjustments.
  7. Congratulations on assembling your new rack - and you thought it was going to be hard!