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Rack Covers and Accessories

For the best possible protection for your garments, combine one of our professional-grade Z garment racks with a cover. While putting a cover on a garment rack is nothing new, what separates our combos from typical setups is the quality and unmatched weight capacity of our Z garment racks. With all of our racks, you get high-quality, all-metal construction that you won’t find in racks from traditional big box stores. Our racks come in a variety of sizes and configurations and are mobile, as well as sturdy, thanks to the metal casters and large wheels we use. Our racks come with our “no overload guarantee,” so you can be confident they will stand up to even the heaviest use. Then, for additional protection, especially in storage, add one of our covers. Choose either a nylon or see-through vinyl cover, sized to fit your particular rack. For a neater appearance and easier access to your clothing, don’t forget to add our optional cover supports, which fit on top of the rack’s uprights and keep the cover neatly in place.

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