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Keeping Clothes Wrinkle Free while Home or Away

Family vacations and road trips are a great way to bond with your loved ones, but planning for them can be a real hassle. Determining the destinations, ensuring that the kids are ready to leave on time, and finding someone to pick up your mail is enough stress without the added bonus of needing to pack. For most people, packing is a fairly simple process. All you need to do is pick out enough outfits for the number of days you will be gone, fold them, and tuck them neatly into a suit case. This may be the standard procedure for adults, but those crazy kids might have something completely different in mind. How many times have you tried to open up their bulging suit cases, just to find their clothes have been rolled up and stuffed into the bag with little to no care? The creases and wrinkles will never come out, and there will have to be another lecture about folding clothing. Typically that’s where it would end, but what about occasions where extremely formal outfits are required?

Perhaps you’re attending a wedding or maybe a funeral for a family member who lived a long distance away. Either way, the attire will most certainly be more than t-shirts and jeans. Yet, how can you ensure that your children’s fancy clothes will remain pressed and professional during the long car ride and after? In these situations, a collapsible clothes rack with plastic, air tight bags can keep those tuxedoes, suits, dresses, and more perfectly creased and free of wrinkles. Once the rack is collapsed and folded it can fit into even the smallest of vehicles, making it easy to transport to your destination and hang up those formal clothes. Can you imagine the convenience of arriving at your destination without needing to hang everything on the three or four hotel-room hangers that are usually supplied? ?

If you don’t travel very often, a clothing rack might still be useful to you! Many models come with wheels and adjustable frames, allowing for a movable closet. Tailors or designers can hang their creations in one room onto the rack and transport them a great distance without the aid of another person. They are also useful in small apartments that may not have enough closet space.

Have you ever used a clothing rack? If so, what is your favorite model and why?