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Finding Space in the Most Cramped Places!

Have you recently moved out of a larger house and can’t possibly find a way to fit everything you own into a smaller living space? Do you not have the funds to rent out a storage space for all of your excess possessions? If tossing out what you can’t fit just isn’t an option, there may still be hope. Finding enough space in a new living arrangement can often be difficult and frustrating, but it’s never impossible! Whether you’re a newlywed couple moving into your first apartment together, or a college student dueling for space in a new dorm room, there are always methods of freeing up unused area.

Under the Bed

Anything small, flat, or long that you can’t find a better place for can easily be stowed under your bed. As it is typically the largest item in a bedroom, the bed can easily consume a huge portion of your available space. The underside, however, is perfect for those objects you don’t need immediate access to on a daily basis – luggage, alternate pairs of shoes, and other such things can easily be slid in and out of this hiding space. If you’re afraid of clutter, you can also package up a collection of small things into a plastic container and slide the whole box under the bed as a single unit.

Clothing Racks

An unfortunate part of finding a place for everything is managing your floor space. There are many possessions that just can’t sit on the ground, and may need appropriate elevation to be preserved. Clothing, for example, suffers from this sort of problem. While dressers might be a possible option, they can be extremely heavy and cumbersome. Thankfully, clothing racks of different sizes can be purchased to hold up your goods. Not only are these racks light and easy to move, but many can also be disassembled for convenient transportation.

Wall Hooks

Your wall is more than just a place to pin your favorite posters, its perfect room real estate! There are many different sorts of wall hooks, and you should make your decision based on the weight of what you wish to hang. These hooks are great for holding your jackets, bags, wires, cords, and pretty much anything with a wire or strap! Also, hanging things on or near your door is a sure way to help you remember them on your way out.