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Z Garment Rack w/ 2 Rails, Bottom Shelf, 5-ft to 7-ft Tall

Z Garment Rack w/ 2 Rails, Bottom Shelf, 5-ft to 7-ft Tall

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Height Adjust Z Rack with 2 Rails and Bottom Shelf

2 Rows of Suits & Room for Shoes or Storage Bins

The Sean James Z 4-In-1 Garment Rack ZEA-4IN1-2RBS can be set to be the tallest Z Rack on the market. It provides maximum storage possibilities with two hang rails and our sturdy metal bottom shelf for storing boxes or other items below. Adjust the height of the second hang rail to fit the size of the garments you’re hanging and to allow the room you need for storage on the bottom shelf. The Four-in-One provides maximum flexibility with its adjustable height. You can set the top hang rail at 5 feet, 6 feet, 6.5 feet or the full 7 feet, as needed. Changing the overall height of the rack or raising or lowering the second hang rail can be done at any time as needs change.

As with all our racks, you get the high-quality, all-metal construction, 400-pound load capacity and easy-rolling 4-inch rubber wheels with brakes that make the Z Garment Rack several cuts above the typical garment rack.

Dimensions: 63 inches long, 74 inches to 91 inches tall, and 24 inches wide.

Click here to see information on how to assemble the Z Garment Rack.

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