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Z Rack, 2 Tier Double, Clothes Garment Rack Up to 7 Ft Tall

Z Rack, 2 Tier Double, Clothes Garment Rack Up to 7 Ft Tall

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Tall & Strong Enough for 2 Rows of Men's Suits

No Wrinkle Causing Bottom Rail Interference

Adjusts From 5-ft to 7-Ft of Vertical Hang Space

This 2 rail Z clothes rack can hang 2 rows of men's or women's suits with no bottom rail interference. The 4 height adjustable Z rack provides two hanging rails but addresses the number-one complaint about most two-rail racks: there often isn’t enough space between the rails to let you hang clothes without the upper row interfering with the bottom rail. With up to 7 feet available for vertical storage, this is one of the tallest racks available in the marketplace. Wedding gowns, choir robes and other lengthy garments will pose no challenge to this device. It can even accommodate two rows of men’s suits without vertical interference — that’s enough to fit an entire suit collection.

The Sean James Z 4-In-1 solves this issue by allowing you two feet of ad The extension set lets you change the total height from 5 feet up to 7 feet adjustability and also change the height of the second rail. This flexibility gives you a choice of clearances between the top hang bar and the base that range from 64 inches in the lowest setting to 84 inches maximum. The footprint for this rack is 63"L x 24"W. 

You still get the Z rack 400-pound load capacity, non-marking and easy-rolling 4-inch rubber wheels with brakes and our sturdy steel construction without plastic parts to break. Garment rack covers and cover supports are also available to provide additional protection to your clothing.

Click here to see information on assembling the Four-in-One Adjustable Height Z Garment Rack.

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